At Tissue Culture Australia, we have our own breeding program where we develop and test new hybrids and cultivars, bringing exciting varieties to the tissue culture market.


Austraflora is the leading developer & marketer of Australian native plants in the horticultural and landscape industry of Australia. The Austraflora brand is recognised throughout Australia and around the world!

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Aloe Aloe range is the premium collection of superior ornamental hybrid aloe. With a complete range of premium dry-garden plants – from small and dainty flowering pot aloe, heavy flowering and strikingly foliaged home-garden aloe, to statuesque specimens of flowering tree aloe, there is a stunning hybrid to cover every garden and landscape situation. Aloe-Aloe superior hybrid aloe offer home gardeners and landscapers new and unique high performance sustainable gardening solutions with spectacular top quality flowers, dramatic foliage and trendy architectural shapes.
If you are interested in growing a promotional range or adding branded lines to your stocklist, please enquire about our marketing strategies and available varieties.