Plant Tissue Culture Operator

Applicants will need to be enthusiastic, self motivated, reliable and willing to be trained.

We are one of the few production TC labs in Australia and we are looking for production minded people, who take pride in their work and are motivated to achieve targets.

A Production Person is Required to

  • Closely following instructions and processes- to propagate micro cuttings in a sterile environment,

  • Have attention to detail, and be precise with repetitive work.

  • Have good hand-eye co-ordination to learn how to improve speed and efficiencies.

  • Work within a close team who are all striving to produce a high quality product.

  • Be open to training and feedback, with willingness to learn and improve.

  • Have good communication skills to ask questions and discuss results

  • Be reliable, work unsupervised & self-motivate

  • Enjoy teamwork and contributing to a successful business

Our staff do not require nursery or tissue culture experience; however an interest in plants is always an advantage.

Relevant skills such as experience with repetitive tasks, dexterous movements, and communication can come from experience within a range of fields, and any formal qualifications will be welcomed. All training in our processes and expectations are provided by our experienced staff, with targets set and feedback given along the way.

If you have an interest in potentially joining our team, please pass on your resume and cover letter responding to the requirements of the role to

Potential applicants will need to make time available for an interview and 30minute on-site trial. The Lab is located in Skye, Victoria and you must be able to organize your own transport to and from site.